What can you say about IWD?

What can you say when someone asks you

“Why do we need to celebrate International Women’s Day?”  #bloodyfeminists


Im sure you could start with

To highlight all the things women are

  • Career professionals, workers
  • Wife, girlfriend, partner
  • Parent, Nurse, Mediator, Happiness creator, homemaker
  • Cleaner, washer woman, household manager
  • School organiser, sporting and cultural activity taxi
  • Volunteer


We DO need to work these without a doubt. We need to empower us not to be all things, play the heroine. Decide someone else can contribute, we do not need to be perfect, all the time.

Lets think about highlighting some bigger issues too.

Could you say…

While so ever there is a gender pay gap we need a Day.

“According to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Gender Gap Report we remain 202 years off gender parity. Two hundred and two years. That is up from 169 years they estimated in 2016, and down from the 217 they estimated in 2017”

Could you say…

While so ever there are women dying from domestic violence we need a Day

“In 2018 69 women were violently killed in Australia, the vast majority by a current or former partner. This year, already, that number is ten. We had another just week, RIP Ms Reddy

Could you say…

While so ever our political landscape has different values for women than men we need a Women’s Day. Think about Julie Bishop, Sarah Hanson Young, Julia Banks inappropriately or the Premier that resigned because he touched a female worker inappropriately.

Could you say…

While so ever there is discrimination in the workplace we need a day

Discrimination for being pregnant (‘the bitch is pregnant again’), because you are woman (‘the job requires drums of 20kg to be lifted, men only apply).

Could you say…

While so ever women are denied an education, we need a day



Its not about putting us on a pedestal, its about equality.

Not just on one day of the year, but all year round.

IWD2019 #balanceforbetter


References: – Georgina Dent


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