As a kid I loved the feel of those little sweet rocks that used to crackle on my tongue or the good old whizz fizz sherbet, sour and smacking. I recently had the pleasure of discovering the texture of pure velvet in food, followed by total heavenly flavours that has left me craving for another trip to this celestial spot, in Narrabri.

The Yield is tucked in the back of an eclectic gift and homewares in the main shopping district of Narrabri. If you drag yourself through the myriad of glassware, clothing and jewellery of Marval Designs you will discover an Aladdin’s Cave of gastronomy. And some of the best coffee in a 100km radius.

The velvet experience came with the Almond Croissant, made by a proper French Patisserie in Inverell and delivered fresh each Thursday. They are light and buttery with the smooth velvety texture that dances on your tongue, followed by just the right amount of sweetness and a gentle crunch of fresh flaked almonds. It is exquisite!

If you are looking for something not so sweet, then you must try their triple cheese toastie with confit onion jam. The sourdough bread, cheeses and relish are all locally sourced and you can buy the products in the store, so you can attempt to recreate the experience later.

While you are waiting for your toastie to cook, and your coffee to brew browse the myriad of gastronomic treats and kitchenware. I never thought I needed A Drunken Sailor Onion and Bourbon Relish, but it is now on my christmas list for the big fella in the red coat to enjoy in a few months time.

Take the drive to Narrabri and experience for yourself. Try to keep it our little secret, if you can.


The Yield serves some of the best coffee in the North West

A lovely spot to enjoy your coffee, croissants and browse the range of products


This review was first published in the At The Coalface Magazine.

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Yield and Marval Design are located at 113 Maitland St Narrabri, NSW 2390.