Being trusted is an important asset for any business. If your customers [clients] trust you and your products or services, they will continue to build a relationship with you and recommend you to others.

They want a personalised service from you, they want to be intimate with the business they are buying from or working with.

Being open about who you are and who is part of your business – you and your team – is an effective part of building this trust and personalising your relationship.

Think about it. If you are searching for a business do you look at the “About us” page? Do you look for faces, people on the web page and their social media feeds? Do you love knowing who is behind the brand? Is understanding the people behind the brand part of your research?

Customers and clients want to get to know you. Ongoing business is about establishing and relationship and nurturing that relationship, getting to know your customers. And allowing your customers to get to know you.

Adding staff profiles on your website and profiling your staff in social media is an effective way to build trust and form a virtual relationship with your customers.

It allows customers [clients] to view the skills and strengths behind the brand. It also allows you to showcase the talent you have behind you.

After all your staff are your biggest asset, why wouldn’t you want to showcase them?

What should you have on your staff profile pages?

There are several key aspects:

  • It needs to have personality. It isn’t a resume; it displays key information to help customers connect with your team and can also include ‘fun facts’
  • It is full of quality images and/or graphics, including headshots. Try to avoid the real business look, give your staff personality.
  • It showcases, with pride the people who make up your team/s in both a professional and unique way.
  • It is authentic.
  • It adds to your business story and resonates with your customers

Keeping them fresh and up to date is also important. Have you done the work and added all this info when you had your website built…and left it there? Staff have come and others have left, yet your website stays the same?

It doesn’t need to be a complete resume or wordy content. It just needs to be information that will connect with your customers and potential customers.

It can also empower your team. Knowing you are proud to showcase their skills and talents provides a positive message that they are part of the business.

Need help compiling your staff profiles?

I’m Ange McCormack. I am a writer. I love to write, particularly about people and businesses. Let me work with you to showcase the fabulous talent behind your brand. Let me help tell your story.

Email me, lets work together and help your story shine.

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