Contact Ange if you are needing a facilitator, an independent to conduct team or group meetings, a trainer to design and deliver in house training programs or someone to motivate your staff and speak at events.

Ange is an experienced trainer, with the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Cert IV TAE 40116) . She has coordinated the delivery of training for organisations and can design training to suit your organisation needs.

She also has a wealth of experience in facilitation and strategic thinking, having led the development and implementation of major strategies in government. She now offers these services under Country Horizons.

Ange can facilitate sessions to collaboratively guide your organisation and teams in strategic planning, vision or goal setting. She can design the facilitation process and as a professional writer and content creator Ange can also produce the final product.

Ange McCormack is a powerful and motivational keynote speaker. She relishes opportunities to speak about regional and country living, being inclusive in a workplace or community, realising your potential and be all you can be, following your passion and finding your purpose.




Ange McCormack is an Associate with the national company Xplore.

Who are Xplore?

Xplore partners with organisations, leaders and individuals to enable them to clarify their purpose, accelerate their career, embrace inclusion and lead with passion. Xplore continues to passionately advocate for women in leadership, and for as long as women are underrepresented in these roles, the programs and executive coaching services for women will remain a cornerstone of Xplore’s offering.

Xplore has a nationwide network of skilled, insightful, accredited facilitators and coaches who are passionate and committed to developing and empowering your employees and organisation. For over 20 years we have had the privilege of supporting and inspiring over 15,000 individuals in leading organisations throughout Australia.

Ange is excited to be part of this team, particularly to deliver their programs in regional areas.

Pop over to the Xplore website to view more detail of the programs Xplore offers and contact Ange to talk more about your organisation’s needs.