Day 3 – Cute and Pudgy Creatures

They are cute and pudgy

They walk with a waddle – slowly, however have been known to gallop up to 40 kph when they want to

They are mainly nocturnal

They have teeth like rodents, but they are not a rodent

They have tough rumps, mostly made of cartilage

They have a backward facing pouch – to help prevent dirt entering the pouch when they are digging

They have slow metabolisms, taking up to 14 days to digest a meal.

They have cube-shaped poop. I know…this blew me away too!

They are Australian, one of the fascinating creatures we think of when we picture Australia

And their numbers in the wild are declining due to dingoes, wild dogs, foxes and humans, including loss of their habitat with development and expansion.

Wombat – a short legged, muscular marsupial native to Australia.

Wombats are not seen in my area and I remember my first glimpses of wombats was as I drove to Jindabyne a few years back. Wombats tat had been killed by vehicles lined the road. It was a sad sight.

My awareness of their plight was heightened when I worked with a passionate wombat lover – she had even undertaken her PhD research on these pudgy furry critters. Over the years we have become not just co-workers but friends. Her passion for the protection and preservation of our environment and fauna is infectious and I thank her often for raising my awareness on these important issues.

Day 3 of my advent calendar for making a difference will contribute to making a difference to our Wombat population.

The Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary aims

  • To be the best wombat sanctuary in Australia, driven and taught by the best teachers, wombats.
  • To continue our high rate of success with releasing wombats (WITH THE NECESSARY SKILLS) back to the bush at Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary.
  • Driving a passion in people for wombats which will ultimately lead to education, community involvement and the preservation of the species long term.

If you would rather make a difference to a cute and cuddly over Christmas consider buying gifts through the Wombat webstore (check out the most cutest Christmas cards!) or sending a donation to help Sleepy Burrows look after our Wombat population.

Our future generations will thank you x


A baby wombat – image from Sleepy Burrows Facebook

Cuteness Overload! Image from Sleepy Burrows Facebook


Donate at

Images taken from Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary Facebook Page –

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