Day 15 – Hope when its needed most

“People don’t choose hardship. For every person experiencing hardship there is a story”

As a lover of stories, this statement captured my heart. It is true, we all have a story to tell and some have tales of tragedy, loss, hardship that many of us will never comprehend. The idea that you have no idea where you will be sleeping tonight is so remote for me. I have had a few hunger pains – even been a little hangry at times – but I know I have money to purchase sustenance when I need to.

The cost of living seems to increase exponentially. More and more people are going without what we would consider the basic needs in life such as meals, heating, a place to sleep and feel safe, medications, clean clothing and even education.

In times of natural disasters, when your world has been washed away or tuned to black cinder we expect this organisation to be there for those in need. And they do. They are there, providing hope when its needed most.

Day 15 of the Advent Calendar for Making a Difference is an organisation that nearly all of use know. Their brand is recognisable as they are ‘there’ when they are needed.  Always. The Salvation Army, or The Salvos as many Australians lovingly refer to them.

How will they be planning to make a difference over Christmas?

Major Bruce Harmer sums it up “… will see more people seeking our help this Christmas. Typically, more than 300,000 people turn to The Salvation Army for support at this time of year. We also distribute over 100,000 meals and distribute more than half a million toys and gifts for Aussies in need at Christmas,”.

The Salvation Army is dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus through caring for people, creating faith pathways, building healthy communities and working for justice. Regardless of where we are or what we’re doing, one thing always remains true: the Salvos are about giving hope

You may be planning on inviting a neighbour or acquaintance that is spending the time alone to your Christmas table. You may have already supported through their numerous programs.  If so, thank you, you have already provided hope.

If you would like to make a difference to someone’s story over this Christmas, the Salvation Hamper of Hope may be worth a donation.


Courtesy of The Salvation Army

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