Day 14 – A village to raise a child

I’m a believer in the power of creativity to heal the mind. Its why I write and I am thankful that I have found ‘my thing’ that helps my crazy-at-times brain disconnect and recharge.

An organisation, suggested by a friend is helping do similar for youth in the area of Forster-Tuncurry, a typical coastal town along the NSW eastern seaboard. Founder Donna Rankin suffered the tragedy of losing her daughter and turned to art to help and heal from this most tragic loss. She has taken this further by creating a space to help young people in a safe, nurturing environment. Amazing.

A blog from their website outlines that despite being a beautiful environment, their young people in the area still need to support

“Our children live in a beautiful environment surrounded by sandy white beaches and crystal-clear lakes.   However just like any community our children sometimes need more than a beautiful environment to help them survive and thrive.  Our community has seen firsthand the difference Heart to Heart has made in the lives of the young people who have participated in our program.”

I know that youth in the current world seem to have so many more life pressures thrust upon them. For example, the NSW Higher School Certificate results came out yesterday and I am uncomfortable with the emphasis on the best results and perception that success is a high ATAR and a university degree.

The HSC is a means to get you to your next step of your life journey. It is a means to get you to University, if that is what you want to do – with a certain score to get you there. In six months, I bet no-one will ask you what your ATAR score was. Repel the pressure and judgement of others.

Make your own goals, set your own path.

Be brave, be you.

And lose yourself in creativity for a while. It is a powerful healer.

Heart to Heart’s program, borne from a tragic story is making a difference. And a fitting Day 14 profile for the Advent Calendar for Making a Difference. The community is helping its youth – a village raising its children to survive and thrive.

You can donate to keep this worthy organisation going, or inquire to set up a similar program in your village. Our leaders of tomorrow will thank you. We thank you Donna x.


Being creative can be a powerful healer of the mind


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