Day 10 – Liquid Gold, Life for a Baby

I usually listen to the radio as I walk my country tracks each morning. Mostly, its ABC radio where I can get my morning news, a bit of commentary and a few interesting interviews. They have a good app that works for me. The Sydney traffic reports of accidents, closed lanes and train delays are a long way from the quiet dusty roads where I rarely see another car. I like it that way.

Last week I learnt about the new NSW breast milk bank that is opening in Sydney.

And it allowed me to reflect. I was very lucky with my children – they were on time and healthy. Many are not. I can only begin to understand the heart break and anxiety parents must endure as they want to give their child the best start to life.

And those first days of breast milk is one of the best starts without a doubt. The World Health Organisation recommends pasteurised donor human milk as a first alternative to formula when there is insufficient mother’s milk available.

Also, research indicates it increases the survival of premature babies by almost 70 per cent. That gives many a fighting chance.

Day 10 of the Advent Calendar for Making a Difference is supporting the Queensland Mothers Milk Charity. According to ABC News NSW babies receive Queensland milk, until the NSW milk bank is established.

The Mothers’ Milk Bank provides screened and pasteurised donor mothers’ milk, to families where the mother’s own milk is not available for their baby. Imagine the head start that provides a baby, and one less strain on the family of a newborn.

I know how blessed I was to have healthy children – my way of paying that forward is profiling this wonderful organisation as Day 10 of the Advent Calendar for Making a Difference.

Perhaps you might like to pay it forward in some way too.


My country road – a far cry from the bustle of a city commute

Image from Mothers Milk Website

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