Country Horizons’ is owner by Ange McCormack. Its vision is enabling regional women to create and tell their story.

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I believe that women living and working in regional areas have a wealth of talent and are a determined bunch. I want to share stories about these amazing women, regional events and lifestyle to highlight that living and working where you choose is not a barrier to achieving all you can be. I also want to help guide these fabulous women to be all they can be through training and coaching.

Country Horizons started as a blog borne from a suggestion at a Women’s Retreat several years ago.

At the time I was at a cross roads in my life. My three wonderful girls, born and raised in a country town were taking flight and had left home.

I even said to someone “I’m nobody’s mum anymore, I have lost my identity!”

Have you ever felt like this?

In fact I was still their mum, that is a lifetime gig. I did, however need to work out what was my next chapter, and at the time I felt a little lost, really lost. I spent two enlightening days with some truly inspiring women who gave me the tools and confidence to map out what was next for me.

It was a conversation that went something like this that gave me my greatest ah-ha moment

Di: “What is it that you would like to do Angela?”

Me: “I’d like to write someday”

Di: “What is stopping you doing it now? What is this ‘someday?’

Me: <silence>.

I could not give a good reason why not now? Why do we put things off to ‘some-day?’.

There has been a few bumpy times, it wasn’t clear sailing and I am yet to write a book – but what I have realised as I spent time with myself is

  • I love empowering others, especially women to be all they can
  • I love writing and sharing stories
  • I love living and working in regional Australia, just visiting bustling cities is OK.

I have put all these passions together and created Country Horizons.

This is MY PURPOSE, this is my ‘some-day’ goal. I’m excited that you are here to share this with me.



Download Ange McCormack’s Bio here –  PDF or Powerpoint

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